Get Ready for NeurIPS 2022

By Sanmi Koyejo and Shakir Mohamed; NeurIPS 2022 General Chairs.

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Quick Summary: NeurIPS 2022 is a two-week conference: a week in New Orleans from 27 Nov – 3 Dec, followed by a virtual week. The in-person conference happens just after the US Thanksgiving holiday, so book your flights now if you plan to join. Registration for the conference is already open. We have an exciting conference program, and we hope you’ll join us.

NeurIPS 2022 is soon approaching, and this year’s conference will be held in-person and online. The conference will include many of your favorites: the Program track, Datasets & Benchmarks, Workshops, Affinity Workshops, Tutorials, Competitions, and the Expo. We are also adding new components to the conference, including new ways to engage virtually, a new Journal showcase, opportunities to engage with local communities, and more focus on mentorship and inclusion. In designing this year’s conference, our guiding principles were reducing complexity to mitigate possible issues and managing the risk of disruption due to COVID.

Two-Week Conference Format

Book flights as soon as possible. This year’s in-person conference will take place from 28 November to 3 December at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. This is just after the US Thanksgiving holiday, so anyone who plans to attend the in-person conference is encouraged to book flights as soon as they can due to limited travel options during that time of the year. Registration is already open to allow anyone who requires this information to apply for US travel visas to begin that process.

In-person and virtual. The image shows an overview of the conference format. The in-person program prioritizes opportunities for in-person engagement and networking. Posters are the key mode of engagement, so there are no oral/spotlight talks from authors during the in-person week (and are instead in the virtual week as part of the featured paper panels). 

In-person programme | Overview of the program showing different events and their start-times.

Virtual programme | Overview of the time for live remote interaction.

Conference Highlights

In-person conference week (27-3 Dec)

  • Expo: The vision of the Expo is to encourage the exchange of best practices between academia, industry, non-profits, and other organizations. New this year, we especially encourage civil-society groups and non-profits to submit proposals for the expo.
  • Affinity groups: Affinity and inclusion groups are a core of the conference, and these meetings will be held on the first day of the conference in person and during the virtual week.
    • New in ML: Continuing as an introductory and networking venue for those new to the community, New in ML will host in-person and virtual events at NeurIPS 2022.
  • Poster sessions and Keynotes: We have large spaces for posters to create a spacious environment for discussion. There are no virtual poster sessions, as we have found them ineffective for virtual engagement. Instead, authors will submit short videos, and we will curate playlists to encourage discovery. Plenary events from the in-person conference will also be live-streamed.
    • Journal Showcase: We are piloting a journal showcase where accepted papers from selected journals will also be presented as posters during the conference. This year will feature the Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR) and a reproducibility issue of ReScience.
  • Workshops: There are two full days for in-person workshops. 
  • Competitions: There will be a session on competition highlights
  • Early education outreach: We are piloting an engagement with high schools in New Orleans during the week of the conference to engage the local community in AI and scientific exchange.
  • Socials: There will be opportunities for networking through sets of socials held throughout the conference. 

Virtual conference week (5-9 Dec)

  • Tutorials: Tutorials kick off the virtual week and consist of several parallel tutorials held throughout the day.
  • Featured paper panels: Selected contributed papers will be discussed in small group panels. These will be held in 2 x 2hr blocks over 3 days, at two distinct time zones to enable wide participation. 
  • Workshops: There is a full day for fully-virtual workshops held across varying time zones.
  • Affinity groups and socials: Some affinity group meetings and socials will also be held during the virtual week at different times. 
  • Competitions: The virtual week will feature additional sessions on competitions.
  • Meetups: NeurIPS organizers will not be managing meetups directly in 2022. Nevertheless, we encourage the community to consider holding meetups in the virtual week. Please let us know if you are planning an event – we are happy to support these events by advertising. 

Health and Safety. While we are excited about getting back in person, concerns due to COVID remain. We continuously monitor the situation and will update our safety approach and policies. 

Diversity and Inclusion. Creating more accessible and inclusive spaces is a priority, and programs for financial assistance, dietary requirements, parents’ rooms, hearing loops, and other accommodations, for the in person and virtual part of the conference, are planned for, and we continue to explore options for emerging concerns and needs. 

All the organizing committees are working as hard as they can to create the best environment for scientific exchange possible.  We thank them deeply for their commitment to our research community.


We look forward to seeing you in November!