Nominations to Join the NeurIPS 2023 Organizing Committees

By Alice Oh and Tristan Naumann, General Chairs


With NeurIPS still fresh in our memory, planning is underway for NeurIPS 2023, which will be held once again in New Orleans, Dec 10-16, 2023. We are excited to join this upcoming year as co-General Chairs for the conference, and we look forward to contributing to this important meeting that holds significance for us and our field.

NeurIPS is a large conference and its organization continues to be largely driven by volunteers from our community committed to its success. As we start this process, we hope to have as wide a set of people from which to select as chairs for the conference. Please consider nominating yourself, or someone you know, as an organizer for one of the roles in the conference, or in a generalist role that you think might serve the conference better. 

Please send nominations by Jan 13, 2023, using this form.

Serving as an organizer is a great way to build experience in crafting large scientific meetings and balancing the many tradeoffs involved, helps build new networks, and is a great way to give back to the community in a way that is different from reviewing and workshops. 

We look forward to your nominations, and we hope to share updates as planning progresses in the new year.